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Connecting Collectors

You acquired the work in your collection because it intrigued you. It forced you to grow. But sometimes we outgrow the works that once challenged us. And that’s okay. ORIGEN allows you to list your collection with ease, so that your work can find its next home.

We like to call our model “passive.” That means no flash sales, no timed auctions.

For collectors, it has three steps:

  1. download origen appDownload ORIGEN’s mobile app.
  2. scan origen appScan the ORIGEN tag on the bottom-center of the work you acquired from the gallery in ORIGEN’s Gallery Network.
  3. offer origen appReceive offers on the work from interested collectors—offers which you may accept, counter, or reject.

Not ready to part with the work in your collection? You can still register it with ORIGEN.

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Supporting Artists (and the Galleries that Nurture Them)

ORIGEN believes that a gallery’s purpose is to empower its artists to produce their best work. Unlike other online platforms, ORIGEN does not interfere with a gallery’s primary sales. Instead, ORIGEN provides the following benefits for galleries in ORIGEN’s network:

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Removing Friction from Secondary Sales

It’s a pretty simple concept: collecting shouldn’t be frustrating. That means paying, receiving payment, and shipping should be easy. And collectors should know whether the work they are interested in is actually available (on ORIGEN, that means “Make an Offer”) or not (on ORIGEN, that means “Join Waiting List”).

Origen’s goal is to remove the unnecessary friction from secondary sales, so that collectors can focus on what they enjoy: collecting

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